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QFA47 Anthony Gard Australia
FUN46 Chris Carpenter United States
AAL45 Benjamin Jones United States
BEE44 Kacper Jarecki United Kingdom
ASA43 Nathan Fenich United States
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Dan McMahan got 100 Hours Flown on 2021-10-09 12:55:46.
Dan McMahan got 50 Flown Flights on 2021-09-15 07:03:01.
Dan McMahan got 75 Hours Flown on 2021-03-09 16:07:27.
Dan McMahan got 25000 Miles on 2020-02-11 12:31:45.
Dan McMahan got 50 Hours Flown on 2019-12-10 11:44:56.
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smartCARS Available


smartCARS is now available in the Downloads

Posted by Dan McMahan on 05/12/2021
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Airline Flt # PIC Aircraft Dep Arr Submitted Landing Status
ACA1113 Dan McMahan B737 CYYZ CYQR 10/12/2021 -324 fpm Approved
ACA34 (A) Dan McMahan B737 CYVR CYYZ 09/17/2021 -326 fpm Approved
ACA555 Dan McMahan B737 KLAX CYVR 09/15/2021 -218 fpm Approved
SKW6371B Dan McMahan B737 KSEA KLAX 08/25/2021 -298 fpm Approved
ASA9094 Dan McMahan B737 KDEN KSEA 05/15/2021 -252 fpm Approved
FFT108 Dan McMahan B737 KLAX KDEN 05/14/2021 -277 fpm Approved
ACA578 Dan McMahan B737 CYYC KLAX 05/12/2021 -126 fpm Approved
WJA7160 Dan McMahan B737 KORD CYYC 05/07/2021 -168 fpm Approved
UAL1671C Dan McMahan B737 KATL KORD 05/06/2021 -311 fpm Approved
SWA8500 Dan McMahan B737 KMEM KATL 05/05/2021 -430 fpm Approved
FDX692 Dan McMahan B737 KTPA KMEM 04/28/2021 -176 fpm Approved
SIL3M105 Dan McMahan B737 KEYW KTPA 04/28/2021 -324 fpm Approved
WJA1146 Dan McMahan B737 CYYZ KEYW 03/09/2021 -368 fpm Approved
UAL1712Z Dan McMahan B737 KORD CYYZ 02/13/2021 -307 fpm Approved
UAL1085K Dan McMahan B738 KSTL KORD 08/05/2020 -261 fpm Approved
FUN1234600 Dan McMahan BE58 KMKC KSTL 08/05/2020 -361 fpm Approved
FUN1234599 Dan McMahan B737 KMCI KSTL 05/15/2020 -155 fpm Approved
DAL987 Dan McMahan B737 KPHL KSLC 04/19/2020 -438 fpm Approved
AAL1991 Dan McMahan B737 KATL KPHL 01/29/2020 -506 fpm Approved
DAL1250 Dan McMahan B737 KMCI KATL 01/29/2020 -195 fpm Approved
FUN1234598 Dan McMahan B737 KJFK KMCI 01/17/2020 -229 fpm Approved
FUN1234597 Dan McMahan B737 KFOE KSTL 01/14/2020 -197 fpm Approved
FUN1234595 Dan McMahan C182 KCHT KMCI 12/30/2019 -349 fpm Approved
JBU1796 Dan McMahan B737 MMUN KFLL 12/17/2019 -299 fpm Approved
AAL1001 Dan McMahan B738 KDFW MMUN 12/17/2019 -451 fpm Approved