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RYR33 Callum Ferrier United Kingdom
AAL31 Blaked Doolittle United States
FUN30 Corey Perry United States
FUN29 Pete Desjardins Canada
FUN28 Ahmed Almusaeid Kuwait
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Dan McMahan got 25 Flown Flights on 2019-08-05 07:36:01.
Dan McMahan got 10000 Miles on 2019-07-22 09:01:51.
Dan McMahan got 7500 Miles on 2019-07-22 09:01:51.
Dan McMahan got 5000 Miles on 2019-07-22 09:01:51.
Dan McMahan got 2500 Miles on 2019-07-22 09:01:51.
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Posted by Dan McMahan on 04/11/2017
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Airline Flt # PIC Aircraft Dep Arr Submitted Landing Status
JBU1293 Dan McMahan B737 KBOS KPIT 08/17/2019 -434 fpm Approved
DAL1722 Dan McMahan B738 KDTW KBOS 07/30/2019 -121 fpm Approved
DAL801 Dan McMahan B738 KMCI KDTW 07/29/2019 -409 fpm Approved
FUN1234573 Dan McMahan C172 KCHT KMCI 07/22/2019 -85 fpm Approved
VFR2 Dan McMahan C182 3GV KCHT 10/22/2018 -234 fpm Approved
ACA1104 Joseph Koenig B737 CYYZ CYQY 10/20/2018 -599 fpm Approved
ACA1104 Dan McMahan B737 CYYZ CYCQ 10/20/2018 -323 fpm Approved
ACA1813 Dan McMahan B737 MMUN CYYZ 10/20/2018 -289 fpm Approved
ACA1813 Clifford Barry B737 MMUN CYYZ 10/20/2018 -120 fpm Approved
AAL1001 Clifford Barry B738 KDFW MMUN 10/20/2018 -129 fpm Approved
AAL1001 Dan McMahan B737 KDFW MMUN 10/20/2018 -187 fpm Approved
DAL1399 Dan McMahan B737 KSLC KRNO 10/20/2018 -93 fpm Approved
SKW6247N Dan McMahan B737 KORD KSLC 10/06/2018 -212 fpm Approved
SKW5236A Dan McMahan B737 KABQ KORD 10/05/2018 -315 fpm Approved
ASQ4088Y Dan McMahan B737 KIAH KABQ 10/05/2018 -183 fpm Approved
UAL1693Z Dan McMahan B737 KMCO KIAH 10/04/2018 -551 fpm Approved
JBU147 Dan McMahan B737 KJFK KMCO 10/04/2018 -228 fpm Approved
DAL1075 Dan McMahan B737 KDEN KJFK 10/02/2018 -251 fpm Approved
FLG3506 Dan McMahan B737 KMSP CYYZ 11/17/2017 -256 fpm Approved
DAL1896 Dan McMahan B737 KSTL KMSP 11/17/2017 -111 fpm Approved
FUN123457 Dan McMahan B350 KMCI KSTL 11/16/2017 -210 fpm Approved
FUN123457 Dan McMahan B737 KMCI KSTL 10/14/2017 -323 fpm Approved
HAL172 Dan McMahan B350 PHLI PHNL 10/13/2017 -9 fpm Approved
PAA2 Dan McMahan B737 PHTO PHLI 04/13/2017 -277 fpm Approved
FUN123459 Dan McMahan B737 CYUL CYYZ 04/13/2017 -311 fpm Approved